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Best Woodworking Books 2022 For Beginers Review

What does finding the best woodworking books for beginners has to do with learning woodworking in the first place? This question gets asked a lot. But the answer is if you want to develop into an excellent woodworking expert, then you must build your knowledge and skills. Books can provide you with enough instructions and tips to learn and improve yourself in no time.

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But you have to choose from among the best woodworking books out there, of which hundreds of them are already in the market. To make your search easy and enable you to pick the ideal book without wasting your precious time, we have handpicked the best papers for woodworking. You will find step by step tips to help you become an expert woodworker within a twinkle of an eye. Check them out now!

Top 5 Best Woodworking Books Review

#1 The Why and How of Woodworking

The Why and How is classified one of the best books on woodworking for several reasons. First, it’s the best books for beginners eager to create remarkable woodwork like the author himself and offers easy to follow illustrations. Authored by Michael Pekovich, The Why and How of Woodworking is a book that provides vital tips on how one can produce a piece of work that is worth his or her time, effort and money.

Every woodworker wants to make a difference. And this book highlights how one can stand out from the crowd. Using this book, you will discover how you can use the little knowledge of woodworking you claim to have, to create a piece of work that will add value to the lives of others.

The author of the book, Michael Pekovich is a great teacher. He explained every single detail in the book that beginners need to know in a simple to understand manner. However, there are no shortcuts to becoming an expert in woodworking, but this book unveils untold secrets of the art that even most experts do not know.

From philosophy to wood selection, shop tips, design pattern, work methods, and finishing, every single page of this book imparts the knowledge of woodworking that beginners would need. So there is no mistake in classifying the Why and How of Woodworking as one of the best beginning woodworking books.

  • Beginner-friendly
  • The book is highly practical
  • Quality photos and layouts
  • The book is quite clear and comprehensive
  • More suitable for beginners and intermediate woodworkers

#2 The Joint Book – Wood Joinery Complete Guide

Having sound knowledge on how to choose the ideal joint for your woodwork is an excellent achievement for a woodworker. It is also one of the things one can learn from the best books on woodworking for beginners. Unfortunately, many woodworkers struggle with it.

If you want a sound knowledge of this area of woodworking, then choosing the Joint Book is a wise decision. The book features step by step explanation on how to create various joints such as edge and scarf, lapped and housed, miters and bevels, dowels and biscuits, and many more

If you are still struggling with how to create the perfect joint, then it’s your fault. The reason is that you can improve your joint making skills in no time with the easy-to-understand Joint Book. Over 70 different joints are presented in this book, with illustrations you can even learn from while working on a task.

Just keep it close to your toolbox or workbench for quick and easy access. It is one of the best woodworking books beginners designed in such away that one can make quick and frequent reference, with lots of illustrations, photographs, and diagrams that make learning a breeze. The book is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced woodworkers.

  • Attractive price
  • Great for beginners to expert woodcarvers
  • Well written instructions on over 70 joints
  • Offers proper guidelines for power tools and machine usage
  • The book is basically about joints
  • Beginners might not understand some instructions

#3 Complete Starter Guide to Whittling

Woodcarving is fun with the right materials and best hand woodworking books for beginners. If you have a book you can follow like the CompleteStarter Guide on Whittling provided by experienced woodcarvers; the rest would be to grab your knife and a twig to create impressive artwork. The Complete starter Guide offers insight into how to carve different objects. It is also one of the best woodworking project books with 24 whittle projects you can get started to improve your carving skills and knowledge in no time.

The Complete Starter Guide to Whittle is suitable for beginners and even advance woodcarvers looking to improve their knowledge. As you well know, learning is an essential thing in woodworking that you must continue with as long as you are in it. With easy-to-learn books like this Complete StarterGuide featuring various how-to photos, step-by-step instructions, you will learn how to carve impressive gifts, fun displays and classic toys in no time.

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Has impressive pictorials
  • Features tons of fun projects
  • Detailed explanation to whittle techniques
  • Need detailed explanation on the basic cut during carving and control of the tool

#4 The Complete Manual of Woodworking

The Complete Manual of Woodworking is one of the best books for learning woodworking even if you don’t have prior knowledge of the art. It covers everything one needs to know about woodworking. The book explains in details wood types and the science between each one of them to help you make the right decision.

The Complete Manual is classified as one of the best woodworking books of all time to learn and understand the various woodworking tools, including how to use each of them to create something spectacular. It also has tons of useful information that will improve your general knowledge of woodworking. The picture quality of the photos used in the book makes learning fun and easy.

The book features more 1,800 different drawings, photos, and diagrams provided to inspire and guide users from beginner to expert levels in no time. You will also learn and improve your knowledge on various woodworking techniques such as fastening, bonding, jointing, laminating and every other method there is to know.

  • The book is quite comprehensive
  • Tons of diagrams and pictorials
  • Tutorials are very clear and easy to understand
  • Discusses types of wood, tools and other basic details
  • Hardcover is a bit pricey

#5 Good Clean Fun

The name “Good Clean Fun” says a lot about this book. If you want to create woodwork that is impressive and clean, then the book is ideal for you. The book is also presented in a way that working in a woodworking workshop fun and easy. The book offers detailed woodworking projects, tricks and shop tips that you may not find anywhere else, although it is partly technical and partly about the author’s career. But it’s one of the best books about woodworking that will inspire and make you love what you do.

This book contains 352 pages, filled with lovely pictures, ideas, and illustrations you will find pleasing. Whether you are an expert woodcarver, you will find new ideas in the book that will take your career to another level. The book has a perfect blend of fun and technical aspects. You will learn about wood grains and techniques you need to move forward.

  • Great price
  • Fun to read
  • Tons of inspirational photos
  • Detailed explanation of basic aspects of woodworking
  • Need to include more practical instructions


If you need the best books for woodworking, then you have made the right choice by coming here. These are great books that will not only help you develop fast. You will also have the techniques that professional woodcarver shave. And the most impressive thing about acquiring the best books on traditional woodworking is that they come with quality photos and illustrations one can quickly and easily refer to while working on a project.

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