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Best Metal Files: Review & Guide 2022

Metal files are great for metal working because they can help smooth out any metal surface so it’s even and perfect. But not all are the same, and here, we’ll give you the best metal files available to you, and why they are ideal for you to use when filing metal.

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There are many options, and here, we’ll give you some different choices that will help you figure out the best metal file to suit your working needs.

The Best Metal Files Reviews

1. AZUNO 19 Pcs Metal File Set—Best Metal Files Set

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The best metal files usually come in a set, and if you need a kit that contains different metal files, this is it. All of them are made with T12 drop forged alloy steel, so they’re strong and do the job.

The kit comes with four large files, and 14 precision files, and one file card to help you get the best filing you can.

It is heat treated and 100% decarbonized, and comes with an ergonomic handle to offer comfort and reduce fatigue.  This portable storage set comes in a handy case which is tough, and perfect to use when going between jobs.

A couple users reported they came with rust on them, and while they’re a good starter set, for more involved jobs it may not be enough.

  • Easy to use
  • Variety of sizes
  • Both Large files and precision instruments
  • Easy to organize with a storage bag
  • Some users reported rust on them
  • Smaller files tend to break
  • Not enough variety in Sizes

2. Fatmingo 3 Pcs 8-Inch Metal File Set—Best Quality Metal Files

[amazon box=”B077D2B5BT”]

This is a great kit if you want the best quality metal files, and a handy brush to help smooth out the areas. It comes with a flat file, a half-round file, a round file, and a brass brush for cleaning the teeth and smoothing surfaces.

They’re made with T12 carbon steel at a high temperature for great strength and abrasion resistance. This set also comes with an easy-to-use handle as well to offer an ergonomic and anti-slip experience.

This is one of the best metal files set because it comes with a little bag for everything, and is great for general metalworking, wood working, and even sharpening tools. They’re the best quality metal files for a DIY hobbyist, and are great for pretty much anyone.

Some users say this isn’t ideal for some metal surfaces, especially tougher edges, but is great for beginner metalworking.

  • Made with T12 carbon steel for strength
  • Ergonomic and easy to use
  • Small but simple for beginners
  • Carrying case is handy
  • Comes with brush to clean and keep for longer
  • May not work for all metal surfaces
  • Some users report they’re a little small for bigger hands

3. Needle File Set: Best Files for Metalworking on a Budget

[amazon box=”B07WDCBJ1G”]

This needle files set is perfect for those hard-to-reach places where you need a metal file.

They’re the best files for metalworking because in this kit they’re made of carbon steel with a high level of hardiness. They are a unique design with a flat steel file, a warding steel file, a square steel file, a triangular steel file, a round and half round steel file, each of them with a variety of different ranges for application.

These metal files also come with a handle which is comfy and rubberized in order to offer a stable grip that helps you get the job done quicker.  The gear pattern on these files is durable, so you don’t have to worry about it wearing down after use.

These are the best files for metalworking, especially if you need to refine and reshape projects. Some users say that they’re better for smaller projects, and are good for those tighter areas rather than large-scale metalworking.

Some user also report that there is some bending that happens when you use them with bigger projects. But they’re the cheapest on the list, and are good for small projects.

  • Strong and made of carbon steel
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Variety of files for various jobs
  • Good all-around metalworking set
  • Handy carrying case for portability
  • Not good for larger projects
  • May tend to bend in some cases

4. Rexbeti 16 PCS Premium Grade File Set—Best Metal Files Set for Heavy Duty Projects

[amazon box=”B07MVW7CLM”]

If heavy duty files is what you need, then this is the best metal files set for the job. All the pieces are made with T12 drop forged alloy steel, and it comes with long-lasting teeth which are milled tempered and also coated to offer a durable and long-lasting performance. It comes with 4 large files, then 12 precision files, great for virtually any job.  They’re small, but they come with an ergonomic handle that’s perfect for long hours of use.  The set comes in a compact carrying case, and all of the files fit perfectly to prevent movement around.  They’re great for finishing many jobs, from basic metalworking to more involved projects.

Overall this is a great, affordable set that is good for a variety of projects.  However, some users say that they’re not made for larger hands, and some people also reported that the ridges on these aren’t uniformed, which could lead to performance issues on the surfaces.

  • Affordable files kit
  • A variety of sizes and shapes for files
  • easy to use
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Handy carrying case to use
  • Made with strong T12 carbon steel
  • Both large files and smaller precision needle files
  • Some reported uneven ridges
  • Not ideal for larger hands

5. Precevia 18 PCS files set—Best Metal Files Set for Portability

[amazon box=”B07VCQJMYQ”]

This files set comes with four large files and 12 needle files which help you accomplish any project you have. It also comes with a scratch brush too, which is all included in a handy portable bag.  The files are all forged with T12 drop forged alloy steel and the teeth are long-lasting and milled tempered and coated to offer a great cutting and  filing performance. The set also comes  with an ergonomic handle to help you get the job done. The carrying case typically fits in any tool kit, so is perfect for hobbyists or carpenters that go from job to job.  You can contact their customer service if you have issues with your order at any time.

Some users report the case comes apart easily and the threads that hold the files tend to fray.  Some also say the handles fall off at times when using this set. This is still one of the best files for metalworking though because it offers a variety of options, and a lot of metal files to use for the job.

  • Affordable kit with many options
  • Both needle files and large scale files
  • Comes with brush to clean them when done
  • Easy to use with ergonomic handle
  • Small carrying case that holds everything so you can take it from job to job
  • Made with T12 carbon steel
  • Elastic holding the files tends to come apart
  • Some report the file handles are cheap and tend to break

Buying Guide

Here are some elements to consider when choosing the best metal files for the job.


Size is a big part of it. The best files for metalworking offer a variety of size. You don’t want just big files either, you want smaller files too in order to offer a more precision job.  The best metal files set usually comes with different files to use, and a variety of options.

Handle Size

When working with metal files, you want ones with handles that are big enough for you to use, but also not so clunky and awkward in your hands that it feels weird.

Case or No Case?

Ideally, you want to get one with a case to make it easier to move your files around. But, sometimes the best quality metal files don’t come in a set, so you may have to figure out a tote for your own. A case is good though because it offers protection

Type of Metal Used for Them

Ideally, you want to get minimally T12 carbon steel because this alloy is treated with durability at the forefront, and can handle long-term use, especially with extensive metalworking. You should also look to see if they’ve been treated as well to help it last longer.


These are the best metal files for the job. When choosing the best quality metal files, especially for metalworking, there’s a lot that go into this, especially for how extensive the project is. Hopefully you have a better idea of the best files to buy, and which kit will help you get the most results for all of your projects on hand.

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