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Best Fencing Pliers 2022: Review & Guide

Repairing fences can be a stressful experience, but with the right fencing pliers, it is possible. Choosing the best fencing pliers can be hard though, since you may want something with a hammer and spike on it, or maybe ones with a wire cutter on them. Luckily, we have many options for you, and in this best fencing pliers review, we’ll give you options for fencing pliers for you to choose from, what works for you, and other such amazing tidbits to help you with your fencing plier needs.

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Best Fencing Pliers Review

1. TEKTON 34541 10-1/2-Inch Fencing Pliers – Best Fencing Pliers 2022

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At the top of our list are these bad boys and they’re arguably the best multi-purpose fencing tool for not just installing fences, but also for fixing and repairing these fences too. It is a fencing tool that comes with seven different tools within it: a staple starter, a hammer, a staple claw, two sheer wire cutters, two wire crimpers, and of course sturdy gripping jaws, so you don’t have to spend a ton of money on this. It has a strong grip to it that offers control without the bulk as well, and being made from vanadium steel, it’s a high-quality, strong appliance.

Some people do complain that the cutters don’t hold the edges very well, but these are the best fencing pliers 2022 if you’re looking for all-around high-quality tools.

  • Seven tools in 1
  • Made from vanadium steel
  • Easy-to-use grip
  • Affordable for the amount of tools
  • Some users complain it accumulates rust fast
  • The cutters don’t hold edges as well as they should

2. Channelock 865 Fence Tool Pliers – Best Fencing Pliers for Premium Users

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For those looking for a fence tool plier that does come with the staple starter, puller, wire stretcher and splicer, and of course the hammer and cutters, this is for you. It’s a powerful multitool, and this is included in our best fencing pliers 2022 review because they’re made for practically all fencing needs, and it has a sturdy design with a chrome head.

The grip is easier than some, and it’s good for especially if you’re pulling out wires from posts.

The only real complaint is the price, but some users also report the inner jaws are too wide for holding wires, and the top jaw may not pull out fence staples, but otherwise it’s a quality fence plier that does the job.

  • Sturdy design—worth the money
  • Has multitool features for fence experiences
  • Ideal for pulling out wires from fences
  • Easy-to-use and chrome plating on it
  • Price may be a bit much for some
  • Some users say the jaws are too wide for the wires

3. Irwin Vise Grip Fencing Pliers – Best Fencing Pliers for Strength

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These are the best fencing pliers 2022 if you want something that is strong. It is made from nickel chromium steel, so it’s made to be durable.  the machined jaws also offer maximum gripping strength, which means it will not be going anywhere, and it can hold a high-quality grip as well.

It comes with anti-pinch, non-slip grips in order to offer control and comfort, and it is the best pliers if you’re worried about hand fatigue. If you plan on working on metal or wood posts, this is probably the best tool for the job, since it offers high-quality results, and without too many issues either.

The biggest downside to this, is if you’re working with some high-tension wires, it may not hold as much of a grip, and some users also report that the pliers are too large for the wire heads of the product. But, for most commercial wire fences, this is one of the best pliers for the job.

  • Super strong grip
  • Jaws offer maximum-strength hold
  • Has a high-quality grip which won’t go anywhere
  • Does come with anti-pinch grips to offer comfort
  • Less hand fatigue
  • Doesn’t work as well with high-tension wires
  • Some users say that the wire heads are too small for the pliers

4. Bates Fencing Pliers – Best Fencing Pliers on a Budget

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Bates is a high-quality tool company that makes tools that are great for the average user. These 10-inch fencing pliers are heavy-duty, and they have a 7/32-inch capacity to them.

They’re made from a steel alloy which is polished, and this in turn offers a lasting performance, and also prevents rusting as well. The grip is soft plastic, and it comes with a hammer head, wire cutters, staple grips, and a singular grip in order to stretch the wire. This is the best grip for those who are looking for an inexpensive tool, and something they can use.

This one was included as a budget option for some, but it does have a couple of drawbacks. Some users report that rust accumulates very fast, despite the claims that it doesn’t. The handle is also not as high-quality as others on the list, and it isn’t good for those heavy-duty fencing jobs. But for basic fencing, this is a great option, and it won’t break the bank.

  • Made from a heavy-duty steel alloy
  • Great for the average user
  • Has a 7/32-inch capacity on them
  • Has a soft plastic grip for comfort in mind
  • Has wire tools that offer a multitool for the job
  • Inexpensive compared to the others on the list
  • Some users report rust accumulating almost immediately
  • The grip isn’t strong enough to handle heavy-duty jobs

5. Allied Tools 30756 10-inch Fence Pliers – Best Fencing Pliers for Basic Fencing

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This is another great fencing tool for basic fencing activities. It does have ground cutting edges to this, which offer a more precise cut when you cut these wire fences. It has a head made of drop forged steel, which can be used to cut the wire, pull out, and also drive the staples too. The grips on this are comfortable and have a high-quality cushion to this too. This one also is on our best fencing pliers 2020 list because it comes with a lifetime warranty, so if you’re curious about these and they don’t work, know that they are under warranty.  They also are relatively inexpensive too, and it does offer a to-the-point experience when working with fencing pliers.

Overall, this is a fencing tool that people like, but some users do report it isn’t as rounded as it should be near the top. Some also struggle to get the jaws to open up wider, but putting a little bit of WD-40 does fix the tool.

  • Quality tool for a good price
  • Offers precision cutting
  • Has tools to cut and pull out the wire, but also drive staples too
  • Has a cushion grip
  • Comes with lifetime warranty
  • Top isn’t as rounded so some people struggle with using this
  • Jaws don’t open very wide unless you use WD-40 on them
  • Puller is a little hard to use to pull pesky nails out

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Fencing Tool

Choosing the ideal fencing tool isn’t hard, but there are still a few things to consider.

First is of course, price. The high-quality ones work great, but they do come with a higher price tag. If you’re not in the budget for a high-quality fence plier, you should get something that’s more in your price range.

Next, think about the types of activities you want to engage in with these fencing pliers. Do you want a fencing plier that pulls out staples? Do you want one that cuts? Some pliers do this, but not all of them do, so you should think about these as well before choosing the fencing pliers that work for you.

Comfort is another.  you’ll be working with this for a while, so you should get something that fits well in your hands. Ideally, ones coated in soft rubber that has a non-slip grip are the best.  But also keep in mind that some feel better than others, so look at the grip and see which one is right for you.

Finally, there is durability.  If you’re doing this a lot, you should get one that has the ability to last a long time. A high-quality durable plier may cost you a bit more money, but you have to understand that fencing is a rigorous activity, so you may want a tool that can do it all without getting damaged as well, and in this best fencing pliers review, we did recommend one with high-quality grip strength for those tough jobs too.


Buying the best fencing pliers for the job can be hard, and the best fencing pliers 2022 usually are all good options. But, choosing the right fencing pliers for all of your fencing needs is important, and the correct tools make it easier for you too. Remember, it’s recommended to get a high-quality, durable fencing plier that will last a long time, since it can be used for longer periods of time, to great success as well!

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