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10 Best Deck Strippers 2022 Review

Do you always need a stripper that could take off stains from your deck? Stop searching, as we have gathered up a list of amazing strippers that you could choose from without regrets. Our list has ten best deck strippers, and their unique features identify them.

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So, you could go through all we have for you and get on with making the right choice for your deck.

Best Deck Stripper 2022 Reviews

1. Woodrich EFC-38Wood Cleaner& Wood Stripper

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The Woodrich Wood Cleaner & Wood Stripper is our pick for the best deck stripper 2022. With the help of a practical solution, it does justice to every type of wood. You could use this deck stripper on monogamy, cedar, redwood, or any wood.

Woodrich would also be useful on your fence, siding, or any wooden surface in your house. It can cover up to 3000 square feet. If you need a stripper that van covers almost all of your home, then purchasing this striper would give you just that.

With this stripper, you enjoy the flexibility of mixing your solution instead of just sticking to an already made solution. All you would require is mixing the powdered solution with a reasonable amount of water.

The deck stripper is made with your safety in mind, as it is safe for plants and pets. You wouldn’t have any worries if either of them came in contact with the solution. The Woodrich Wood stripper is regarded as the best deck strippers due to these fantastic features.

2. DEFY Exterior Wood Stain Stripper – Best Deck Stain Cleaner

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The Defy Exterior Wood Stain Stripper is our pick for the best deck stain cleaner. It removes old and worn out finish while restoring your deck to its initial state. Good news, you get this deck stripper as a ready to use solution. This eliminates any time-wasting or error that could occur when you mixed the solution yourself.

With this stain cleaning deck stripper, you would only need to transfer the ready solution into a spray container. Once in the spray bottle, then apply on the desired surface you want clean.

The product easily cuts into the old finish and takes it along with any mold, algae it may have collected, leaving your deck fresh. But, you should expect the deck stripper to work magic on paint and concrete color stains.

If you want optimum results, you could apply the solution using a sprayer to pump up. Then leave it to stay on the surface for the next twenty to thirty minutes before rinsing off. Then, for the rinsing part, you could use a pressure washer in removing the stains without needing a brush.

3. Saver Systems Deck Wood Stain Stripper

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The Savaersystems Deck wood stain stripper is the best deck stripper for the money. It removes stains with ease, without costing you all your funds. The Saver system is ready to use the mixture, and you have to open the bottle and apply on to your surface.

The deck stripper doesn’t pull your paints off, but effortlessly removes stains on your deck. While it takes off the stains from your wood, it also leaves it with a shine. It also ensures that the next stains are easy to remove, leaving your deck vibrant and healthy.

As a plus, though other deck strippers cannot remove solid color stains, the SaverSystems does it effortlessly. You may need several layers of treatment, but eventually, the solid colors would come off. Once you are done stripping, we suggest that you want for the next two to three rain-free days before adding any other treatment.

The saver system is regarded as the best deck stripper for the money because the price doesn’t limit its functions.

4. Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain Stripper

[amazon box=”B07BRZ8TTY”]

No matter the coating on your deck, the Restore A Deck Wood stain stripper gives it a fresh look. So, if you have a clear, semi-solid coating or semi-transparent coating, then you could opt for this deck cleaner.

With this deck stripper, you also get the luxury of mixing your solution yourself. It comes in a powdered form, and when mixed in water, it could make up to 5 gallons of a deck stripper. If you have an intense stain or the place you’re cleaning is problematic, then you could make it more concentrated. You could mix it up to just three gallons at a maximum.

This could cover up to a thousand fets with a 5-gallon solution. Asides your fences, you could also use this deck stripper on other external wood surfaces in your home. This makes it convenient for any of your outdoor revitalizing applications.

The Restore A deck is also an eco-safe solution as it poses no threat to your kids, pets, or plants. You would need to worry when it mistakenly spills on your plants or your pets, and kids have to touch it.

5. Dumond Chemicals, Inc. 3332 Smart Strip Advanced Paint Remover

[amazon box=”B001F0KO2S”]

The Dumond Chemicals is our pick for the best paint removal. It can pull off several layers of paint from your deck with just the first application as a revolutionary removal. 

To keep your deck safe, it isn’t formulated with any methyl chloride or toxic compounds commonly used. With this, you have a deck stripper that pulls paint effortlessly with only organic components.

The Dumond deck removal can remove up to 25 coats of any paint you have on your deck. If you have a varnish, urethanes, water-based, or oil-based paint, they can all be pulled off. The high-quality remover can work both on your interiors and exterior surfaces.

As a biodegradable remover, it doesn’t come with any unpleasant or coarse odor. You can apply using a brush, an airless spray, or even a roller. The Dumond Chemicals is a remarkable dest stripper, and it wins our best pick for paint removal functions.

6. Citristrip QCSG801 Paint & Varnish Stripping Gel

[amazon box=”B07LF8T6PM”]

Citristrip is our best choice for a homeowner. The deck stripper is characterized by a stripping gel that you can apply on decks. It can pull off the latex, varnish, lacquer, enamel, shellac, polyurethane, acrylics, epoxy, and oil-based paint from wood, masonry metal surfaces.

This stripper comes with a citrus scent, so you wouldn’t have to worry about battling any unpleasant smell. The smell is not also too concentrated in case you are not a fan of citrus.

The Citristrip QCSG801 is not formulated with methylene chloride like other deck strippers that are this powerful. This protects your deck from getting worse as a result of harsh chemicals. The Citristrip QCSG801 doesn’t make use of caustic soda as well, and that eliminates any possibility of emitting toxic fumes.

The gel formulation remains active on your deck for up to 24 hours. The good part is, it keeps removing multiple layers without needing you to re-apply the gel on the surface.

7. Woodrich HD80 Heavy-Duty Wood Stripper

[amazon box=”B014GEYLPU”]

The Woodrich HD80 is just as remarkable as the Wood rich stripper that eon out Best deck stripper 2022. It is a premium grade deck stripper with more substantial power and cuts through old finishes better than most strippers in the market.

The HD80 is an ideal choice for removing solid stains on your deck and other surfaces like the siding and fence. You can use it on any exterior surface in your home.

At the end of the stripping process, its formulation leaves your deck looking as good as new. The product comes as a kit containing two pounds of HD80 cleaner and an equivalent amount of wood brightener.

The kit comes with enough stripper that could clean as much as 750 square meters of the deck. So, if you have a standard-sized deck, the Woodrich HD80 can clean it well enough and return its natural glow. Yet you would still have a sizeable amount of the product left with you.

8. Restore-A-Deck Stain Stripper

[amazon box=”B07QL32Z45″]

Restore-A-Deck stain stripper belongs to the class of restore a deck products that you could apply on your deck. But, this product comes as a kit containing all you would need in stripping your deck.

In the kit, you would be getting a stripper coaster additive, a wood stain stripper, a wood brightener, and a stain stripper gel. This is way more than you would ever find in any other stripping kit in the market. These products cater to before the stripping process down to them after the stripping process. With all these, your deck is treated to retain its natural glow.

The stripping it is formulated with an advanced formula that pulls out the old finishes with ease and yet mild on the wood. The highly efficient stripper takes out dirt, mildew, mill glaze from the deck, and leaves your wood revitalized.

The Restore a Deck, has a wood whitener that can be mixed easily in water to brighten your wood deck. Good news, you can use this stripper with a spray pump, and it is also eco-safe.

9. Deck General Deck Stripper 4021

[amazon box=”B07CV79KBL”]

The Deck General Deck stripper 4021 is excellent at restoring the beauty of your deck. This product, just like many others on this list, can also work on your wood siding and fence. The product comes packaged in a one-gallon container, but you could also purchase the product in large containers. These would come in handy when you have large areas to clean.

The Deck General 4021 combats the old finish on your deck with a remarkable formula that doesn’t leave behind any traces. This would ensure that any new coat you are applying can perform properly and look as good as possible.

As an industry-grade stripper, this works well on latex and oil finishes, varnishes, polyurethanes, water sealers, etc. The main goal of this deck stripper is to clean your deck back to life. Unlike other options that you may find, this product doesn’t require that you prep the deck No need of sanding before applying the deck stripper.

Great news, the deck stripper can be used as it comes, or you could dilute it to your taste. All that matters is the kind of coat you are removing from your deck.

10. Blue Bear 605 Pro Coating Remover

[amazon box=”B07PVL21CM”]

As the final deck stripper on our list, the Blue Bear 605 comes in a massive one-gallon bottle. It is potent, powerful, and yet easy to use. The Blue bear serves as both a Urethane remover stripper and a SoyGel paint remover as well.

The one gallon is sufficient to clean out stains and strip finishes from your deck and even your neighbors. This connotes that you would still have enough for another application after applying the deck stripper on your deck.

This cleaner works by peeling through several layers of paint, no matter how long it has stayed on your surfaces. The Blue bear has enough tenacity to clean even the toughest of stains without ruining your surface.

After applying the gel on your surface, you can use a scraper to check if the coating has been softened enough. Once confident, you can use a brush, a mop, or a power washer to take out the thin residue that has been successfully pulled off.

Buyer’s Guide

Can I re-stain my deck without stripping?

For your new layer of stain to come out as you want it, you would have to strip the old coat layer. Once you have the initial layer out of the way, then the fresh one wouldn’t have any obstructions penetrating the deck. This would ensure that the stain lasts longer and ensure the appearance is just right.

What is causing the stain on my deck to peel?

Your stain may be peeling majorly as a result of poor adhesion. It is most noticeable when the stain has not attached itself correctly to your deck. It would also automatically peel off when it rains, and you have applied too much of the coat. Finally, exposing your deck to direct sunlight also increases its chance of peeling.

What is the maximum amount of coatings for a deck?

Any particular parameter cannot measure the number of times that you re-stain your deck. The coat should equate the extend that your wood could take. Some wooden decks take more stains than others.


After reading through the list above, it shouldn’t be hard for you to make a choice anymore. Our best overall has been featured on this list, and its outstanding features have been explained as well. Other deck strippers on the list have also been detailed to aid your choice.

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