About Us

Who We Are

Dowithtools is not one of those average websites you find on the internet when performing random searches. It is a complete guide for those who regularly or just starting to perform DIYs, woodworking, gardening, mechanical repairs, electrical fixing, and many more. It can be your ideal guide for choosing the right tools for just anything you are doing. We know that you have invested a lot in getting the right tools and we are here to help you get the most results from them.

Team work

Most people don’t get their DIY and home jobs are done efficiently because they choose the wrong tools. When you don’t get the right tools for these jobs, you will be prone to mistakes, and some of these can lead to serious accidents. You may get lucky with using alterative tools but you still can get the ideal results and comfort you will derive from using the right tools.

Our main focus is hand tools, power tools, and other essential devices for activities including gardening, plumbing, painting, security, electrical works, automotive, and arts. Though these are the basic areas we cover, you will have access to resources on other areas too. We dedicate a lot of time to testing diverse tools for the purpose of recommending the best options to our readers.

With the reviews and guides we provide on this site, you can relax your mind, knowing fully well that experts have done half of the job for you. Without a guide and review, it can be dangerous to buy just any tool out there, hence we advise that you take recommendations on tools from this site, very seriously. 

How We Get The Job Done

Tools are very important, without them, you can hardly get anything done at your home or workplace. We do our possible best on this website to provide useful product information to help you in making informed choices.

So, the question is; How do we get the job done? The answer is simple and straightforward. We begin by simply asking ourselves the question; what do consumers really want in a tool? Do users or consumers want a more durable tool? Do they prefer tools that deliver more power? Do they want energy-saving tools? Do they want multi-functional tools to save money? Do they want more convenient tools for easy handling? Do they want tools that are cheap to maintain? These are just a few of the common questions that our followers and readers often ask themselves most times.

To find answers to the common questions asked by our readers, we get to the field to collect information from different product users. In addition to the field works, we do search all the corners of the internet to gather as much beneficial information as possible. By doing this we ensure that we identify all potential units for review, especially those areas our readers want all information on.

Upon getting all the required information, we check the availability of the products on top websites like Amazon. we will pick the products with the best rating plus those with the highest number of user reviews. To give you a comprehensive honest review, we wouldn’t pay attention only to the strength of each product, but also the weaknesses of the products.

We delve further into our review by weighing the strengths and weaknesses of each product plus the costs of our shortlisted products just to discover the best deals. Where possible, we do order some of these products online just to check whether our experiences are in tune with the reviews put in place by customers online. Once the research and reviews have been completed, we will find the finest writer with vast knowledge in that product niche, to write detailed content that will be easy for our readers to read.

What Makes Us Unique

At Dowithtools, we don’t just chunk out contents on tools without having a comprehensive investigation into the features, specifications, and other components of a product. We do our diligent work just to keep our readers satisfied and well-informed. We always put every information in a language that our readers can understand. 

Why Trust Us?

We do know that manufacturers are sincere enough to provide detailed information on their products, but we don’t want users to rely only on details provided by these manufacturers. We also conduct our own research in such a way that you don’t fall for paid reviews and ratings given by some manufacturers. We also verify the consistencies of ratings and feedbacks from customers.

Our aim is to make this site a home for everyone interested in buying and using tools for different purposes. To achieve this, we have put in place some stringent principles that guide our operations. We put customers first and that is why we pay more attention to them than the manufacturers. We always do our best to identify fake manufacturer reviews and rating, to protect the interest of customers.

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